$700,000 flash match / boost for donations of stock and crypto:

Stock and crypto matching challenge

Double Your Gift of Stock or Crypto!

Many of you know that gifts of appreciated stock and cryptocurrency have greater tax benefits than cash gifts for you. And now, until December 31 or until the match is met, Animal Rescue Corps is participating in a huge $700,000 flash matching and boosting challenge for gifts of stock and crypto, thanks to our charity partner The Giving Block and to the generosity of philanthropist and matching donor Jared Isaacman.

Stock and crypto gifts made through¬†ARC’s Giving Block donation widget or The Giving Block platform will be matched up to $5,000 until the $500,000 flash matching challenge is met or until Dec. 31, whichever comes first! And 10% of gifts over $100,000 will be boosted until the $200,000 bost match is met or until Dec. 31, whichever comes first!

If you have appreciated stock or crypto holdings and have been waiting for the most impactful moment to donate, this is it!

This match opportunity is offered to all of The Giving Block’s charitable partners and it is a HUGE opportunity to help the abused and neglected animals you and ARC serve together.

Double the lives you rescue with stock or crypto giving!

Donations of Stock and Crypto have increased tax benefits for you

Direct donations of appreciated cryptocurrency or stocks like this provide you with TWO important tax benefits. Your tax deduction is the same size as a gift of cash, and you also avoid paying capital gains tax.

You can also choose to do a charitable swap if you like, and keep your portfolio the same by donating old shares of stock or cryptocurrency and then immediately purchasing new shares in the same company or currency. Your portfolio doesn’t change, but the capital gain is removed, and there is no waiting period. A win for you and for animals!

Please act now to ensure that vulnerable dogs, cats, and other animals receive some of these matching funds and to DOUBLE your gift of crypto or stocks to make your impact go twice as far.

More information about The Giving Block can be found here.