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Animal Rescue: 175 dogs, birds, cats, & rabbits

175 animals being seized in neglectful backyard breeding operation rescue Happening now: Animal Rescue Corps is deployed in Wilson County, TN, assisting law enforcement on a large criminal seizure of around 175 animals -- a backyard breeding operation Learn More

Seizure at Backyard Breeding Operation

30+ animals being seized in neglectful backyard breeding operation Animal Rescue Corps has deployed for the third time in eleven days, responding to an urgent request for help from law enforcement in Macon County, TN. Yesterday an animal control officer, Learn More

Emergency Dog Rescue: Interstate Blues

Emergency Dog Rescue & Matching Challenge: ~20 dogs in urgent need Animal Rescue Corps is on the ground in Yalobusha County, Mississippi, responding to an urgent request for help with nearly three dozen loose-running dogs and puppies, thanks Learn More

Emergency Rescue: Daylight Save

Emergency Rescue: 50+ hoarded dogs & cats Animal Rescue Corps is on the ground, responding to an urgent call for help in the small Nashville suburb of La Vergne, TN, thanks to a tip-off and coordination support from Learn More

Location Is Everything

Shelter Relief: for homeless companion animals, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING For a homeless companion animal in the shelter system, their location often determines their fate. If you are a homeless companion animal, your future just might depend Learn More

ARC Does Not Offer Pet Search Services

Beware of Scammers Using ARC's Name Have you received a message claiming to be from Animal Rescue Corps to offer support with finding a lost pet? Don't be tricked! Animal Rescue Corps does not offer lost or missing Learn More




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