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Emergency Rescue: Operation Unchained Heart

~60 dogs in need of emergency rescue in KY as a neglectful breeding operation/hoarding situation is shut down. With temperatures dropping and winter on the way, ARC's field team deployed today for an emergency rescue at the desperate Learn More

Operation Clean Slate

Urgent rescue in rural Weakley County, Tennessee An emergency call for help in an urgent rescue arrived from law enforcement in rural Tennessee. The call reached ARC with a heart-wrenching plea for 17 dogs dumped in dangerous conditions. Learn More

Operation Mountain Misery

Operation Mountain Misery: Over 20 dogs & puppies living in the woods in one of West Virginia's most impoverished counties Right now, ARC's Field Team is in West Virginia, responding to a call for help that no one Learn More

Rescue Run

Rescue Run: 4 inspiring ways to get involved for animals Running... it's such a simple thing. And yet, so many of the animals we rescue have never known the joy of being able to stretch their legs and Learn More

Animal Rescue: Operation New Hope

Happening now: Animal Rescue of 65+ hoarded dogs & cats In rural Hickman County, Tennessee, what was supposed to have been a loving home instead became a place of neglect and suffering in today's Learn More

Operation Last Chance

Back-to-Back Emergency Rescues: Operation Last Chance Animal Rescue Corps responded to two desperate calls for help, rescuing 17 dogs in two separate emergency cases. One, an elderly woman who had dogs and puppies dumped Learn More



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