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When Fireworks Don’t Work

Picnics. Barbecues. Fireworks. Many people have fond memories and traditions from celebrations around the 4th of July that date back to their childhoods. But for the animals we share our communities with, both seen and unseen – and even some Learn More

Shelter Cat Adoption

In the United States, approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter shelters each year. Of that number, roughly 3 million are cats. Yet, many people remain misinformed about shelter cats, and nearly half a million are euthanized each year. One Learn More

Animal Hoarding Disorder

We've witnessed firsthand the suffering and destruction that animal hoarding causes. It is estimated that 250,000 animals fall victim to hoarding each year in the United States alone, making community education about hoarding more imperative than ever.  Learn More

How You Saved Yves: A Love Story

In June of 2021, Animal Rescue Corps received an urgent call for help from Jackson Police Department and Jackson Animal Care and Control in Tennessee. It was thought that close to 20 dogs were living in a condemned house Learn More

Declawing Bans Save Cats’ Lives

Declawing ban legislation has recently been passed in Maryland and will go into effect across the state in October. Maryland is now the second U.S. state to enact such legislation, joining New York. In California, proposed legislation to ban declawing Learn More




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