20 cats thrown out onto the streets of Detroit… while help was on the way.

Detroit, Michigan – A tenant faced an impossible choice between eviction and letting their 20 cats go. Animal Rescue Corps said yes to helping, but as we deployed, we learned that the situation from bad to worse in this emergency rescue. Despite being told that we were on our way, the landlord stepped in.

Before ARC arrived at the scene, every single cat present, including pregnant mothers and vulnerable kittens, was callously thrown out onto the streets of Detroit like garbage.

These cats had been suffering from a lack of proper individual care even before this awful event, and now they were suddenly on the streets without a home — despite help being just hours away.


Date: June 10, 2024

Situation: Hoarding/Eviction

Number: 20 Cats and Kittens from the scene, plus 6 community relief kittens

Priority: Urgent

Little Periwinkle, pictured here, was just one of the twenty from this residence.

These cats had already been suffering from a lack of proper care for some time. Some have eye issues. At least one is very pregnant. And they have lost the only home and safety they ever had. Some of the cats returned to the residence, some remained loose outside. Without ARC stepping in, their futures were grim. But with your support, the ARC Field Team was able to work hard to trap and capture these cats facing such a desperate situation and transport them to ARC’s Rescue Center for care, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Together, we can give them the bright futures they have always deserved.

With your help, their new lives begin now.

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