One Day, Two Rescues: Operation Double Trouble

At the request of law enforcement and thanks to the outreach of concerned citizens, Animal Rescue Corps deployed on two serious back-to-back, same-day emergency animal rescue cases. While these cases were very different, one thing was clear: each of these animals had been suffering and was in urgent need of rescue.

  • Case #1: Backyard Breeding

  • Location: Undisclosed at the request of law enforcement, West TN

  • Number: 17 doodles, dachshunds, Shih Tzu mixes

When a breeder in West Tennessee said they were ceasing to breed doodles, local rescuers were invited to take their remaining doodle “inventory.” It quickly became apparent from the poor condition of the dogs and the property that more dogs were on site and that this was a potential cruelty case.

Animal Rescue Corps reached out to law enforcement which agreed to take action and immediately deployed to the scene.

The dogs were living in grim conditions – painfully matted, suffering from untreated ear and eye conditions, and suffering from high ammonia levels. Many were underweight and with untreated dental disease.

None of these dogs had access to food or water, even with temperatures soaring into the eighties in the humid Tennessee summer. Of all the dogs here, Birdie was among the most heartbreaking. She was living beneath the shed, painfully matted and covered in waste and dirt.

Case #2: Hoarding

Location: Gleason, TN

Number: 22 cats, 13 dogs

Urgency: Dire

Deep in rural Tennessee, at the end of an almost hidden driveway, ARC discovered a scene of grim despair hidden away: in and outside of a tick-infested, rotting trailer without running water, neglected dogs and cats were living loose, penned in ramshackle cages, and locked inside the dilapidated home.

At least two of the cats, including Loretta, pictured below, suffered from eosinophilic ulcers, a serious inflammatory reaction also known as rodent ulcers, likely due to repeated and chronic tick infestations.

These animals have been living in despair for so long. Each of them needed help, and because of the support of our life-saving donors and volunteers, ARC was able to provide the help- and the hope- they so deserved.

In these two rural West Tennessee counties, and with shelters full across the nation, there are almost no resources for animals in need in large numbers— even less for animals who have been living in chronic neglect and require immediate medical and physical intervention. Being used for profit and being part of an overcrowded and filthy hoard is no life for a living, loving, sentient being. These dogs and cats have been suffering for far too long and they deserve to be protected.

They deserve to be seen and cared for as the special individuals they each are, and to have the same opportunity to find their very own loving families.

All of the animals were surrendered into ARC care and are being transported to ARC’s Rescue Center where they will be provided with lifesaving medical, physical, and social care and the ARC team will continue documenting cruelty for potential prosecution. Your donation to Animal Rescue Corps today will support Operation Double Trouble and all of ARC’s emergency animal rescues and other lifesaving work.