Back-to-Back Emergency Rescues: Operation Last Chance

Animal Rescue Corps responded to two desperate calls for help, rescuing 17 dogs in two separate emergency cases.

One, an elderly woman who had dogs and puppies dumped with her. Puppies were born only to wander into the surrounding fields, where, as the homeowner told us, they died “because they got tangled up in machines.”

One puppy and seven adult dogs are surviving. The dogs are suffering from untreated medical conditions, including skin and eye ailments, and have been living in extremely dangerous, often lethal conditions.

The situation is dire.

The second location, less than an hour away, is a heartbreaking hoarding case. Here, waste covers the floors. Sticky cobwebs drape over surfaces. We’ve been told wild snakes are living in the house. There is no running water.The smell of smoke, ammonia, and animal waste hang heavy in the air.

When the property owner planned a move, the situation came to light. 9 neglected dogs in need. Eight small middle-aged dogs and one unspayed boxer. These dogs are desperate for freedom, fresh air, and medical care.

Helping Communities

Deep in rural Tennessee, there are no options to help dogs like them. Rescuing a single dog can be a challenge in a place like this. Rescuing this many dogs — let alone those who have been neglected and are in immediate need of medical, physical, and social care — is an impossibility.

These dogs each deserve so much better.

This is Operation Last Chance, and for these 17 dogs, it is their last chance for a better life.