Breaking! Emergency rescue: 33 dogs and cats living in desperate conditions in a trailer.  ARC’s team is rescuing them in Operation Dead End.

33 dogs and cats in desperate conditions in a trailer.

It’s Labor Day weekend. People across the U.S. are barbecuing, enjoying the last days of summer.

But today, in Hardeman County, Tennessee, at the very end of a road that’s so bad it’s impassable, on the scene of a trailer that’s unlivable, it’s a grim scene of suffering for the 29 dogs and 4 cats who have been living in painful, cruel conditions here. Most are confined in a squalid trailer and cages. A few dogs are running loose outside.

This is Operation Dead End.

We received an urgent request for help from local law enforcement — this is a cruelty case, so we will be rescuing every animal on the scene and collecting and documenting evidence for cruelty prosecution.


Eleanor is just one of them.

It’s painful, almost, to look at her. She’s desperately thin and anemic, losing fur, parasite-ridden, her skin raw and inflamed. And saddest of all are her eyes.

She looks as if she is giving up.

Emergency Rescue In Progress

There are puppies, around eight weeks old, who are almost lifeless, just standing there, zoned out.

One of the dogs has at least one broken bone.

The cats are living in filthy cages, surrounded by maggots and their own waste.

The floor is rotting out, and ARC’s Field Team needs to space out and step carefully. Even the plywood walkways placed down across the floor are urine-soaked and rotting.

The dogs are weak but, still, they need out so desperately that many of them are lining up at the door to be carried out.

Every survivor from this property is being rescued by Animal Rescue Corps and will receive lifesaving and urgent medical, physical, and emotional care in ARC’s Rescue Center outside Nashville, Tennessee.

If you are in a position to help today with a gift to support ARC’s work, please do.

These dogs and cats, and so many others like them, have known immense heartbreak, neglect, cruelty, and suffering.