Happening Now: 9 dogs, chained and out of time

A chained dog has climbed to the roof of an old dog house and looks at the camera.

When a stray dog comes on someone’s property around here, they might just open the window and get their shotgun.

That’s what the operator of this property told Animal Rescue Corps almost 3 years ago when we rescued 24 dogs from this property, tethered, living under planks, reproducing, and without adequate care.

Today we’re back again, to rescue 9 chained dogs who are out of time and out of options. This is Operation Mississippi Chains.

The dogs have been living in dangerous conditions, tethered to buildings and to the ground, in extreme heat. The property owner still comes back to care for them but has moved to a different town and is selling the land.

Without anyone living on the property, if they spill their water bowl, they have to wait until the property owner returns the next day for more.

They have untreated medical conditions, ranging from heartworm to skin issues to broken teeth.

These dogs need rescue immediately so that they can receive medical treatment, physical care, behavioral treatment and enrichment, and placement with and transport to high-adoption partners to find the families they have always wanted and deserved. Animal Rescue Corps was founded to help communities with cases that exceed their resources. For some communities, that may be dozens or even hundreds of animals. And for many communities, that number may be nine, especially when those animals have been victims of cruelty and neglect.

You can save them with Animal Rescue Corps today with your gift for ARC’s lifesaving work and Operation Mississippi Chains.