Emergency Rescue: 75+ neglected dogs

Animal Rescue Corps is on the ground, responding to a call to assist from the City of Dyer, TN Police Department.

After a concerned citizen reported the situation to law enforcement, the heartbreaking details emerged: 75+ dogs have been left behind in a rotting house after the property owners moved away. The property owners come back only to feed.

The dogs, ranging from a puppy a few weeks old to pregnant mothers to elderly dogs, show signs of long-term neglect and overcrowding, including bite wounds, fighting, parasites, and serious untreated conditions. Ammonia levels in this waste-filled house are among the most dangerous Animal Rescue Corps has recorded to date; you can smell the house from the street.

Neglected and Left Behind.

Animal Rescue Corps exists to help animals in situations just like this one. Animals in large numbers who are victim of hoarding, puppy mills, disaster, and more —  emergency animal rescue situations that are far larger than the local community’s resources.

This situation was desperate and required immediate intervention. ARC deployed right away.

Operation Holiday Heartbreak: 75+ neglected dogs and puppies

This is Operation Holiday Heartbreak in northwest Tennessee. The animals are living here alone in a decaying house that is structurally unsound. The fire department and other first responders are helping to brace the rotting floors with walkways so that ARC’s Field Team can extract the animals; holes in the floorboards and furniture are everywhere. Thermal imaging is being used to locate survivors inside chewed-out furniture and crumbling walls and floors. The dogs and puppies are badly in need of individual medical, physical, and emotional care.

Animal Cruelty

This is a cruelty case, and ARC is supporting law enforcement with evidence collection, crime scene processing, and forensic exams. All the dogs are seized and being safely extracted and brought to ARC’s Rescue Center outside Nashville, TN, where they will receive urgent medical, physical, and emotional care and where ARC will continue to document the effects of their neglect. Once the animals are ready and permanent custody is secured, our placement team will individually match each one with our network of vetted placement partners and bring them as far as they need to go to get there… and they will finally find the loving and caring homes they have always deserved.

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