Happening now: Animal Rescue of 65+ hoarded dogs & cats

In rural Hickman County, Tennessee, what was supposed to have been a loving home instead became a place of neglect and suffering in today’s animal rescue.

Animal Rescue Corps is currently deployed to help around 65 animals who have been victims of hoarding in a trailer without electricity or running water that is now being vacated. Around 27 small dogs and 38 cats have been neglected here. Their bodies show the signs: fur loss, eye infections, ear infections, parasite infestations, untreated illnesses and injuries…

This is Operation New Hope.

Furthermore, today’s large-scale rescue comes on the heels of Tuesday’s Operation September Sweeps, the rescue of 14 dogs, mostly Labrador Retrievers used for breeding and left behind in a divorce, and Saturday’s rescue of 18 dogs and puppies who were living in a cornfield. Many of these animals need urgent medical, physical, and social care, food, shelter, daily care, treatment.

A young orange and white kitten looks at the camera, awaiting animal rescue.

Little Leroy is one of the 65 rescued animals and one of 250,000 U.S. animals every year who are estimated to be victims of hoarding.

He deserves a much better life than this. Leroy and the other cats lived outside and under the crumbling and dilapidated trailer. When we got the call for help, no one even mentioned the cats. That’s how little Leroy and the others mattered to the residents.

Leroy and the rest need immediate rescue and care in ARC’s Rescue Center. They need bloodwork, lab tests, vaccines, wound care, IV fluids, medicated baths, medications, veterinary exams, food, water, and daily care. Once they are ready, they will need matchmaking with and transport to a placement partner in a high-adoption area that will help them start again in the loving home they have always deserved.

In large-scale emergency rescue cases — especially when animals have been neglected for years and lifetimes — the costs quickly add up. And with three cases in just six days, the need is so immense for abused and neglected animals right now.

Cases like these are why help like yours matters so much.

ARC donors and volunteers save lives.