Hurricane Ian Animal Rescue: a life-saving rescue flight

Florida and the Carolinas are reeling in the aftermath of catastrophic Hurricane Ian. Scores are dead, millions are without power. People are struggling with impassable roads, continued flooding, fires, supply shortages, and other life-threatening conditions.

President Biden has said, “This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history,” and Florida’s Governor DeSantis said, “The damage that was done has been historic.”

When things are bad for people, things are desperate for animals.

Animal Rescue Corps, BISSELL Pet Foundation, Humane Society of Naples, and Race For Life Rescue have been working together to ensure Hurricane Ian animal rescue arrives for some of Florida’s hardest-hit areas.

Disaster Relief.

A Race For Life Rescue flight, loaded with life-saving supplies and rescue equipment from BISSELL Pet Foundation and Animal Rescue Corps landed in Florida today.

With so many roads impassable and regional gas shortages, flights are one of the best ways to get life-saving support in and out right now.

Life-Saving Rescue Flight

Once unloaded, the Hurricane Ian rescue flight plane was reloaded with over 40 cats from some of Florida’s hardest hit shelters and rescues. These cats had lost their homes and awaited adoption when deadly Hurricane Ian hit. The Humane Society of Naples helped coordinate their arrival from up and down the coast. The cats landed in Nashville today, headed for the safety of ARC’s Rescue Center.

Moving adoptable animals out of hurricane-battered areas is critical.

It ensures the safety of those animals, and their bright futures, moving them to safety and from there to vetted placement partners in high-adoption areas to find loving homes.

It also ensures that on-the-ground shelters and rescues in affected areas can respond to the surge of newly displaced animals in need of shelter.

Safe in ARC’s Rescue Center outside of Nashville, Tennessee, help like yours is giving these cats their second chance — and the spots they leave behind will be critical to saving more lives on the ground in Florida.

If you are in a position to help today with a gift to support hurricane survivors and all of ARC’s work, please do.