On the weekend of February 19, 2022, Animal Rescue Corps deployed a Field Team member to Mexico to help coordinate on-the-ground logistics for 20 dogs from a sanctuary forced to close in the face of dangerous circumstances.

Our good friends at BISSELL Pet Foundation had quickly coordinated a chartered flight for them and asked Animal Rescue Corps to support on the ground and to take the animals in, which we did, powered by caring donors and volunteers like you.

At the time this video was made, we couldn’t tell you the whole shocking story because of safety concerns, but we now can: the sanctuary and its residents were under serious threat from drug and gang cartel members.

The cartel was attempting to extort the sanctuary for money, threatening to kill every animal resident on the property.

The sanctuary began reaching out, unable to place their remaining 20 large dogs, and in desperate need of urgent help.

The sanctuary connected with a distinguished attorney and compassionate animal activist, Bonnie Klapper, who began helping them, connecting them to BISSELL Pet Foundation and Animal Rescue Corps to keep the sanctuary residents safe from the cartel.

They don’t just distribute drugs and weapons…There’s extortion. They say, ‘Pay me money or I’ll burn your business or kill your family.’ They said, ‘You either pay us or we’re going to kill your dogs.’ — Bonnie Klapper

Because of the support of donors and volunteers, Animal Rescue Corps, which specializes in large-scale rescue and shelters in crisis, opened our doors.

ARC’s role was crucial and without ARC, the dogs would have had nowhere to go.

I am eternally grateful to ARC. — Bonnie

An ARC volunteer greets Morrissey dog and the others as they arrive in Tennessee