Back in 2010, I was among the small group of people who created ARC because of the simple, urgent need: animals in communities are suffering terribly every day… trapped in puppy mills, abuse, neglect, hoarding, natural disasters… waiting for the help that doesn’t come, in places without the resources or expertise to save them.

And so ARC was born, and together we became a lifeline to animals in desperate need.

As I think back over the past ten years and look ahead to the next, I find myself overwhelmingly grateful to you.

A nonprofit like ARC is really a vehicle for people like you and me and caring others to unite around, a belief made real and powerful: together we make big, remarkable changes in the lives of animals.

And that’s just what we’ve been doing ever since November 17, 2010. Over 6,000 animals were rescued, almost 1,500 of them this record-setting year alone, across four countries and territories. Around 10,000 generous donors and 3,000 compassionate volunteers like you. About half a million dedicated supporters online.

I’m so proud of what we have accomplished together, and so optimistic about all that we have yet to accomplish. This is a mission driven by compassion, and we’re just getting started.

Watch our ten-year video and see your compassion in action.

And we’re just getting started. Thank you for believing in Animal Rescue Corps and for being the animals’ angel and the wings that keep our boots on the ground.