McKenzie, TN – Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a national animal protection nonprofit, rescued 27 dogs from desperate conditions at a property in McKenzie, Tenn., about two hours west of Nashville, Tenn., after Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and authorities had been at the property and had concerns for the animal’s welfare. All of the animals were surrendered to Animal Rescue Corps by the residents of the property.

When ARC responders arrived they found 24 small dogs running loose inside the home with feces-covered floors and high ammonia levels. Outdoors, two small dogs were living in the crawlspace under the house and one medium size dog was loose in the backyard.

Because of the lack of veterinary care and the unsanitary, inhumane living conditions, the animals suffered from a range of medical issues, including ammonia exposure, overgrown nails, severe matting, fur loss, skin inflammation, ear and eye infections and untreated injuries, and internal and external parasites. Most were underweight. Two of the dogs were pregnant.
ARC transported all of the animals to ARC’s Rescue Operation Center in Tennessee. Each animal received a thorough veterinary exam, appropriate vaccinations, and any needed medical treatments until they were matched and transported to trusted shelter and rescue partner organizations that ultimately adopted them into loving homes.

Type: Emergency Rescue

Date: January 17, 2022

Location: McKenzie, TN, USA

Rescue Total: 27

Species: Dogs: 27

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