Jackson, TN – June 21, 2021 | Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a national animal protection nonprofit, assisted the Jackson Police Department and Jackson Animal Care and Control this afternoon in the rescue of approximately 44 animals found living in neglectful conditions at a property in Jackson, TN, about two hours west of Nashville, TN.

Authorities were performing a welfare check on a property owner with a history of animal neglect when upon inspection, they found clear violations of state and local safety and animal cruelty codes. Small dogs including puppies and newborn litters were visible loose inside the house with a floor piled thick with animal feces, strewn with debris, and soaked in urine. At least three dead dogs were found in the house. The stench and dangerously high levels of ammonia gas from the animal waste was detectable from outside the home. The property owner was arrested and taken to jail for booking. Authorities reached out to Animal Rescue Corps, a national animal protection nonprofit that specializes in large-scale animal cruelty cases, and ARC’s team deployed to help these animals and the community of Jackson.

“The conditions on this property are some of the worst we’ve seen. It’s absolutely horrible.” Said Amy Haverstick, ARC’s Director of Operations, “These poor animals have endured extreme suffering.”

Many of the dogs exhibited signs of severe, chronic neglect, including emaciation, starvation, mange, dehydration, intestinal worms, external parasites, runny eyes, and alopecia. None of the dogs had access to food or water.

ARC documented all of the animals on the property and transported the dogs to ARC’s Rescue Operation Center in Lebanon, TN, about 40 minutes east of Nashville. Each animal received a thorough veterinary exam, appropriate vaccinations, and necessary medical treatment. All of the animals were surrendered to Animal Rescue Corps. ARC provided daily care until they matched and transported the dogs to vetted shelter and rescue organizations that ultimately adopted them into loving homes.

Animal Rescue Corps performed Operation Clean Sweep in conjunction with the Jackson Police Department and Jackson Animal Care and Control.

Type: Emergency Rescue

Date: July 13, 2023

Location: Jackson, TN, USA

Rescue Total: 50


 “We have a wonderful and dedicated staff but this case was beyond our logistical means and the success of this operation wouldn’t have been possible without ARC.” Whitney Owens of the Jackson Department of Animal Control.

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