Looking for a last minute gift? Give a gift that gives back with ARC’s holiday gift guide.

If there are still a few names left on your holiday list, ARC is here to help! Give– and give back– with one of these heartwarming holiday gifts.

Searching for a gift that is thoughtful, meaningful, and hassle-free? Spread joy and compassion this holiday season with our Animal Rescue Corps Holiday Ecards!

These virtual cards will not only bring festive cheer, they also contribute to an inspiring cause. With a variety of delightful designs to choose from and customizable messages, these cards are a perfect way to show your loved ones you care. See our complete collection here and order your Animal Rescue Corps Holiday Cards today.

For the young and young at heart, The Lonely Banjo audiobook is now available! All proceeds from sales of this delightful audiobook are donated to Animal Rescue Corps to save more animals. It makes a great gift that will help save abused and neglected animals each step of the way!

The Lonely Banjo audiobook is an anthology of 26 rhyming and non-rhyming tales, accompanied by soundscapes and original music, that will appeal to kids and adults alike, and features various artists, including Tim Kazurinsky, David Pasquesi, Ana Belaval, and Jeff Tweedy. You’ll meet a loud-mouthed squirrel, dueling beans, an aging banana named Rebecca Sue, and many more. We are grateful and honored to have been selected as a beneficiary of this fantastic project by the brilliant and compassionate Bad Mule, Inc. Purchase your audiobook today: badmuleinc.com or badmuleinc.bandcamp.com

Lastly, consider an Animal Rescue Corps store gift card for the animal advocates in your life.

These gift cards don’t just bring joy to the recipient, they bring hope and support to animals in need. With each purchase, you’re contributing to the welfare and rescue of abused and neglected animals. Give a gift with meaning, and let your loved one choose their own Animal Rescue Corps gear from our official store.

Finally, if you’re looking to give more directly, Animal Rescue Corps always accepts donations and gifts from our rescue center wishlist. We’re so grateful for the compassion and generosity of our donors. We couldn’t do it without you, and all of us on the Animal Rescue Corps team want to thank you. The gifts you give make all the difference for animals in need. We wish you all the love, family, warmth, and joy of the season.