175 animals being seized in neglectful backyard breeding operation rescue

Happening now: Animal Rescue Corps is deployed in Wilson County, TN, assisting law enforcement on a large criminal seizure of around 175 animals — a backyard breeding operation where animals have been cruelly confined without access to food, water, or the space to freely move.

Animal Rescue Corps’ Field Team is finding poodle mixes and dachshunds, often living crammed 2-3 to a small wire kennel or carrier. Outdoors, puppies and their mom live in a falling-apart pen. Chickens and turkeys, most of whom would have been sold for slaughter tomorrow, are living cruelly confined.

Almost none of the animals here have access to food or water; many lack the room to spread their limbs or freely move. Large dogs living in a shed are subject to dangerously high ammonia levels. Two rabbits live in hard wire crates; cats run free on the property. ARC has state-licensed veterinarians on site who are finding painful conditions consistent with unsanitary housing, neglect, and inadequate veterinary care.

This is a criminal seizure of approximately 59 dogs, 110 chickens, three cats, two turkeys, and two rabbits from a property in Shop Springs, Tennessee. ARC is rescuing every animal on site, birds, dogs, cats, and rabbits. We’ve called on our good farmed animal rescue partner, Redemption Road Rescue, to take in the chickens, turkeys, and rabbits, ensuring their bright, loving futures and species-appropriate care.

We will document the cruelties these animals have endured, fight for permanent custody, and prepare evidence packages for legal proceedings… and work toward loving, happy lives for every single one of these animals.

Operation Cruel Confines

Animal Rescue -- Brulee, matted and confined in a small cage

Brulee is matted, caged, living in dangerously high ammonia levels.

Dogs crammed two to three in small cages, waiting to be rescued by Animal Rescue Corps

In many cases, dogs are living two and three to a cage.

Chickens live crammed together, unable to spread a wing or stand. Many of the smaller chickens are underweight.

“This is some of the worst matting we’ve seen on any animal. Baseball-sized clumps of waste are hanging from their ears and legs to where they can hardly walk. Several of the dogs were living crammed three to a cage, with no way to escape from feces and urine.” – Tim Woodward, Executive Director, Animal Rescue Corps

Large-Scale Animal Rescue

Most of the animals here have been used and bred for profit, with no regard for their needs or suffering. Animal Rescue Corps was founded to help in situations just like this one — large-scale cases of cruelty, neglect, disaster, and abuse that happen to animals in jurisdictions that lack the resources to help them. Animal Rescue Corps, powered by donors, brings all the expertise, networks, tactical equipment, animal rescue field teams, and financial backing to rescue every animal affected, all at no cost to the communities we help.

Criminal Seizure

This is ARC’s fourth large-scale animal rescue in the space of a month, and the third in that time period involving survivors of inhumane and intensive confinement. Animal Rescue Corps will provide urgent medical, physical, and emotional care to these dogs, cats, and rabbits, while our placement partner Redemption Road Rescue does the same for the chickens and turkeys, and we will document the cruelties inflicted on their bodies for evidence packages in legal proceedings. As the animals are ready and as permanent custody is won, our placement team will individually match each one with our network of vetted placement partners and bring them as far as they need to go to get there… and they will finally find the loving and caring homes they have always deserved.

Every single one of these animals deserves compassion and a happy future and Animal Rescue Corps is working hard on their behalf.

ARC donors and volunteers save lives.