If you currently work as a law enforcement officer, animal control officer, or humane officer and need assistance with an animal cruelty case, please request assistance here.

If you are not representing a law enforcement or animal control agency, please return to our main report form.

Animal Rescue Corps can assist your law enforcement teams in resolving large-scale animal issues that often plague localities, all at no cost to you and your community. ARC brings the professional expertise, human resources, tactical equipment, networks, and financial backing necessary for rescue operations, including investigations, expert evidence collection and documentation, veterinary forensics, animal care, and permanent placements. We provide expert help for large-scale situations of animal neglect, abuse, and suffering, including puppy mills, hoarding, backyard breeders, disaster, and more.

“The City of Jackson, and Animal Services specifically, are very thankful to Animal Rescue Corps for being willing to step up once again, and provide a level of assistance and professionalism that is unmatched. We have a wonderful and dedicated staff but this case was beyond our logistical means and the success of this operation wouldn’t have been possible without ARC.”

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