The rescue of nine severely neglected and traumatized dogs

When you powered Animal Rescue Corps in Operation Out of the Dark in August 2022, you changed the lives of the nine surviving dogs.

They had been living in a dark, sealed-up house. There was no power. Windows were boarded shut. The floors were covered in waste and trash.

And they had been alone in that house for years.

“I’m sorry for what you’re going to see.” That’s what the homeowner, David Hendrix of Hendersonville, TN told law enforcement. He said it had been at least four years since he’d been inside the home. He and his wife would open the front door a crack, slide in a bucket of food and a bucket of water, and walk away each day. He was later arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Inside the house, it was dark, desperate, and heartbreaking.

Until the day you rescued every surviving dog with your support of Animal Rescue Corps, and helped each of them to begin again.

Love Heals – thanks to you.

See the dogs’ rescue, journeys, and transformations in ARC’s new video here.

Your compassion in action saves lives — thank you for supporting Animal Rescue Corps.

You can see the story of their rescue here.

If you’d like to help dogs like these nine (Captain, Halo, Hawkeye, Jubilee, Loki, Meera, Nova, Pixie, and Topaz) heal and rehabilitate, sign up to volunteer today. ARC can always use volunteers in our Rescue Center outside Nashville, TN, and members of our volunteer force are also on standby across all of the United States and North America.