Today we’re celebrating joy-maker and volunteer extraordinaire, Sandy!

Sandy always brings a smile to all of us at ARC’s Rescue Operation Center with her hard work, humor, and radiant love for the animals.

She’s been an integral part of the awesome crew of hard-working humans behind the Mouse Paradise video below, serving as an amazing caregiver and interior designer to our mouse residents with countless hours of love and care… even curating and furnishing that fabulous mouse paradise!

We had the opportunity to catch up with Sandy and learn more.

What keeps you coming back?

ARC. The leadership and the volunteers and the animals…I truly love. We are such a diverse group with a very strong thread of commonality running through… I have and do volunteer at several places, but ARC has my heart.

Any pleasant surprises or special moments you would like to share?

Right off, I can’t think of a specific surprise or moment to share but I will say there is something every day that I am there that something touches me…often it’s a conversation, a hug, a smile and always the animals…

What’s it been like working with the mice residents?

Our little friends… the mice. Who would have believed little bodies so small and fragile could tug on my heartstrings so strongly.

I know I am speaking for most of us who have worked with them these last several months… At least a dozen times a day, I am exclaiming how cute they are and taking one out to go find someone else to tell that to!

The mice have won us all over… they have their own fan club at ARC.

“Who would have believed little bodies so small and fragile could tug on my heartstrings so strongly.”

Thank you, Sandy! We’re forever grateful to you for your conversation, hugs, smiles, mouse paradise creations, and, most of all, the special way you have with our residents, large and small. On behalf of the mice and ALL of Animal Rescue Corps: we salute you!

“ARC has my heart…”

“…always the animals”