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ARC Rescues

Animal Rescue Corps’ mission is to end animal suffering through direct and compassionate action.  We specialize in rescues involving large numbers of animals, with a focus on industries that profit from animal cruelty.

The primary goal of any rescue is to end the suffering of those animals, bring them to care and medical attention and then to assure them the best possible opportunities for long-term well being.  While doing this, ARC seeks to raise public awareness by exposing the cruelties inherent in these exploitive industries.  We accomplish this life-saving work within the legal system and through a variety of strong partnerships with other animal protection organizations, government and law enforcement agencies, dedicated volunteer groups, sanctuaries, shelters, rescue and fostering networks.

Please see the links below to learn about some of ARC’s recent rescues.

  • Bird Mill Rescue and Monkey Rescue, August 3, 2011On August 3rd, 2011, Animal Rescue Corps assisted the Portland Tennessee Police Department in the rescue of 116 exotic birds, several chickens and other species of domestic birds living in deplorable conditions inside of a residence operating as an exotic bird mill known as Hookbill Haven Aviary. The next day ARC received an urgent call for help from Bedford County Animal Control, also in Tennessee, to rescue four Macaque monkeys found living in ramshackle cages in a backyard after a fifth monkey escaped, attacked a neighbor and was killed. All animals have been placed with rescue or sanctuary partners.
  • Hoarding Case – Crockett, Texas, June 18, 2011Animal Rescue Corps team members and volunteers respond to a hoarding/abandonment case in rural Crockett, Texas where the lives of more than 80 dogs were in jeopardy.  Compassionate individuals battled flea infestations, heat exhaustion, and dangerous terrain for days to provide relief to these suffering dogs and prep them for transport to shelters and rescues for additional medical treatment and eventual placement in adoptive homes.
  • Oklahoma Disaster Response – Memorial Day Weekend 2011Animal Rescue Corps deployed members of its field team within hours of receiving a call for help from officials in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  The only animal shelter in this community had been completely destroyed by a tornado, but miraculously all the animals had survived. ARC then received reports of another shelter that had been destroyed by fire in Osage County, Oklahoma.  ARC quickly assembled the resources to transport these animals to safety as well.

May 4th, 2011 Animal Rescue Corps assisted the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office in the rescue of approximately 50 dogs living in deplorable conditions at formerly shutdown puppy mill an hour and a half southeast of Dallas. All of the animals were seized by the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office and given to the care and custody of ARC for placement.

March 30th, 2011 Animal Rescue Corps assisted the Warren County District Attorney’s Office in the rescue of over 100 dogs who were found to be living in unimaginable conditions at puppy mill in Warren County.  ARC was awarded custody of 117 dogs who were then placed with adoption partners.

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