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Animals need us now.

Billions of animals, capable of pain and joy, are deteriorating physically, emotionally and socially from severe neglect. Billions more are facing unimaginable cruelties at the hands of individuals and corporations who are driven only by profit and do not respect the animals’ lives or the laws protecting them.

Animals are too often regarded as a commodity with no purpose other than benefiting mankind and no need for consideration. It is the mission of Animal Rescue Corps to change that by providing a resource for rescue and education – by bringing animals out of the darkness and shedding light on their suffering.

ARC effectively addresses large-scale suffering by working alongside government institutions, law enforcement agencies, other animal protection organizations and communities to come face-to-face with abuse and rescue animals from misery.

To effect large and lasting change for animals, ARC also brings public awareness to the multitude of issues that affect them, as we seek to convey an important truth: that our responsibility to animals is vital and all lives have value.

To learn more about some of the specific issues affecting animals that Animal Rescue Corps works to address, please follow the links below:

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Animals in Research
Animals in Entertainment (coming soon)
Wildlife (coming soon)
Animals in Natural Disasters (coming soon)

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