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Hoarding Case: Crockett, Texas

Crockett, TX Hoarding Case
June 18, 2011

Thank You to all Animal Rescue Corps’ Partners, Volunteers, Supporters and Contributors!

ARC on the scene in Crockett, TX

Animal Rescue Corps team members and volunteers respond to a hoarding/abandonment case in rural Crockett, Texas where the lives of more than 80 dogs were in jeopardy.  Compassionate individuals battled flea infestations, heat exhaustion, and dangerous terrain for days to provide relief to these suffering dogs and prep them for transport to shelters and rescues for additional medical treatment and eventual placement in adoptive homes.  These dogs were suffering immeasurably and ARC is very grateful for the generous support of American Dog Rescue and The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation which made this rescue possible.

Thank You to ARC’s Strategic Partners:

Arthur Benjamin American Dog Rescue

The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation & American Dog Rescue

Watch the video. Check out photos from the scene.

Press from the Houston County Courier:

Massive Dog Rescue in Progress

HSCO, ARC rescue 32 More Animals

Photos from ARC

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