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Give the Gift of Compassion

Give a gift that truly matters…
The gift of compassion!

Gift donations to ARC are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion while helping animals at the same time.  Whether you are celebrating the Holidays, a birthday, anniversary, or acknowledging milestones like a graduation or birth – a gift in the form of a donation to ARC is a unique and meaningful way to commemorate the occasion.  Gift donations can also be made to honor someone special in your life or in memory of a beloved friend, family member or companion animal.  You and the recipient will know every gift is used to further the life-saving work of ARC and to fund rescues like those in the video shared here: “The Gift of Compassion 2011”.

With every gift donation we will personalize a beautiful certificate for the recipient (see below), and send as a printable attachment with an appropriate message and a link to the video.  Please be sure to include the recipient’s name, the email address you would like it sent to (recipient or you directly) and a special message that you would like included on the certificate.

Gift Donation Amounts
Occassion for Gift Donation
Recipient Name & Email to Send Certificate
Special Message to include on Certificate

At the conclusion of the order process you will be given the option to include any special instructions. You may also send an email with any questions to:  Thank you for putting your compassion into action with a gift donation today!
Animal Rescue Corps is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization (tax identification number:  90-0640069).  All donations to Animal Rescue Corps are tax-deductible.

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