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Educate 2 End Puppy Mills

Educate 2 End:

Why must we end puppy mills? By definition, there is no such thing as a “humane” puppy mill. See: What is a Puppy Mill?

Animal Rescue Corps believes that anyone can help bring an end to puppy mills by taking action and educating others on the cruel realities suffered by puppy mill dogs and how adoption from your local shelter or rescue is the only humane choice. Here are some simple steps and resources to get started:

  1. Raise awareness by sharing the ARC End Puppy Mills PSA, and other ARC videos that focus on the problem of puppy mills.
  2. Educate friends and family about puppy mills, utilize ARC’s written materials like What is a Puppy Mill?  For those considering purchasing a companion animal explain why adoption is the only humane choice.
  3. Print and share with others ARC’s "2 Big Reasons" resource to educate about puppy mills and to provide information and resources for adopting a companion animal.
  4. Educate your legislative representatives on the local, state and federal level about puppy mills and support legislative efforts to strengthen laws for all animals.
  5. Support the critical work of Animal Rescue Corps as we strive to educate the public and directly save the lives of those animals suffering in the puppy mills.
  6. Sign your nameTake the  pledge to Educate2End Puppy Mills.

Every animal not purchased directly or indirectly from a puppy mill helps to end the vicious cycle of misery. Every animal adopted is a life saved.

You have the power to end puppy mills. Educate 2 End. Thank you!

Watch the ARC End Puppy Mills PSA featuring Sheryl Crow

Watch and share the ARC video:         Bringing an End to Puppy Mills

Watch a puppy mill rescue documented in: Warren Co. Puppy Mill Update

Download, print and share ARC's

"2 Big Reasons" to adopt, and never shop.

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