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Introducing the Autobiography of ARC President Scotlund Haisley

Compassion in Action: My Life Rescuing Abused and Neglected Animals

Animal Rescue Corps is excited to announce the soon to be published autobiography of this organization’s president and founder Scotlund Haisley. We have a special offer to share with ARC followers that directly benefits our life-saving work, but first we are honored to have Richard Folkers, friend and co-author of “Compassion In Action”, share with ARC supporters the inspiration and genesis of this book.

Get details and order your signed copy of the book by clicking here – note: when you purchase through ARC ALL proceeds benefit Animal Rescue Corps!


Richard Folkers began his career at the Associated Press in 1981, followed by twenty years at U.S. News & World Report. Today, he remains a writer and photographer who has been a contributor to the Marketplace Morning Report on public radio and to Discovery Communications online. Rich and his wife share their Washington, D.C., area home with six shelter dogs, two of whom came from the Washington Animal Rescue League during Scotlund’s directorship.


Rich writes:

When Scotlund Haisley pulls you into his world, it’s with an attraction almost like gravity. His unflinching compassion and infectious enthusiasm for the protection and wellbeing of animals take hold. A little more than a decade ago, Scotlund pulled me in.

Rich On Scene with ARC

Rich On Scene with ARC

I met Scotlund shortly after he completed what might have been a career-defining mission for many: turning the Washington Animal Rescue League into one of America’s most progressive animal shelters. But he wasn’t done yet. As we became friends, I had a front-seat opportunity to watch Scotlund in action. I traveled with him to New Orleans on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to help clear out several shelters still taxed beyond capacity. After he founded Animal Rescue Corps, I joined the team on several large-scale rescues of puppy mills and animal hoarding situations. I also came to know Scotlund as a man of many facets: animal rescuer, leader, father, husband, artist, and iconoclast.

For me, as a journalist, getting to know Scotlund also meant learning his life story, a history that I immediately felt needed to be shared, and which I believed would inspire readers to follow his example of strength through compassion. Others had proposed books about Scotlund, but in the end, he honored me with the chance to help him tell the story that will be published late this summer, Compassion in Action: My Life Rescuing Abused and Neglected Animals, from Skyhorse Publishing.

Scotlund2In the manuscript, we attempted to answer a simple question: Why? “I have dedicated my life to forgotten, abused, and neglected animals,” Scotlund writes, “animals who
suffer in tiny, dark enclosures with no companionship, no veterinary care, and often without edible food or clean water.” But why, many people ask, would someone subject himself to the physical and emotional punishment of a career striving for a dream of respect for all lives?

The answer is the source of Scotlund’s gravitational pull. His compassion knows no limits, and he dedicates his life to its pursuit, one place at a time, with a purpose that will not be denied. “People are persuaded by seeing, in their communities, what we do for castaways and the victims of cruelty,” he writes. “Not only do we fix a single problem, we also inspire communities to seek justice, address issues of animal treatment, and demonstrate their concern by influencing change in laws and policy. Our cause is spreading, and it will continue to spread and persuade, leading to new thinking and new legislation, because of the transformative power of compassion.”


Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

The book takes you into some of Scotlund’s many missions to rescue animals, to teach compassion, and to set new standards in animal sheltering. You will learn about a unique early life that taught him to lead and the passions, from painting to music, that push him to new heights of creativity in all he does, in a life filled with accomplishment and example. And he’s far from finished.

Compassion in Action is slated to be in stores August 30. It is also available now for pre-order, signed by Scotlund, in the ARC online store (purchase at the ARC store and ALL proceeds benefit Animal Rescue Corps).


Thank you Rich! And Animal Rescue Corps extends our gratitude to you and Scotlund for allowing your work to benefit ARC. All copies of “Compassion in Actionsold through the ARC store come signed, with free-shipping, and ALL proceeds benefit the life-saving work of Animal Rescue Corps. Please click here for more details and to pre-order your copy of the book. Thank you!!

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