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A Tribute and Best Wishes!

karla post 4It has been my intention for some time to share with you, Animal Rescue Corps’ supporters, the stories and to describe the roles and responsibilities of ARC’s team members, whose work is vital to the success of this organization during and between our life-saving operations. The timing of this particular formal introduction is bittersweet, as it is also a farewell to one of ARC’s founding members, someone I’m proud to have worked with and someone who helped to give life and structure to this organization.

ARC’s Outreach Director Karla Goodson began advocating for animals in childhood and actively working to save lives when she became vegetarian at age 10 (a few years later adopting a vegan lifestyle) and then started volunteering with the animal shelter local to her university, where she was working toward a journalism degree. I was the CEO at the Washington Animal Rescue League in D.C. at the time and had just returned from New Orleans when Karla interviewed me for an article she was writing about the animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina.

karla post 5Four years later, I was leading the Animal Rescue Team for the Humane Society of the United States and Karla applied to a job opening with us. Her working interview was during a puppy mill rescue operation. We removed nearly six hundred dogs from deplorable conditions and Karla not only withstood the horrors we witnessed, she proved to be an effective member of the team and became an instrumental addition.

We both left the HSUS in 2010, our minds set on starting the organization that would become Animal Rescue Corps. Karla, with her strong writing and organizational skills, built the ARC departments she oversees, investigations and animal placement, from the ground up. Since we officially launched in January 2011, she has processed countless cruelty reports, managed dozens of investigations, and placed thousands of animals from the 48 rescue operations ARC has completed in our first five years.

karla post 3While Karla will still be a trusted resource and guiding force for Animal Rescue Corps for the foreseeable future, it is not surprising that this compassionate, motivated individual has found another way to make the world a better place for animals – and for people. Karla and her partner, Justin Leonard, have started their own web-based coffee roasting businessBrewing Good Coffee Company. They craft roast fair trade, organic coffee, ship it fresh to customers and subscribers, restaurants, and grocery stores across the U.S., and every month they donate a percentage of their proceeds to animal protection organizations. In less than a year, they have grown the company to where Karla is needed full time.

karla post 2One of the things I value most about the way we operate at ARC is that we are continually growing as individuals and as an organization. Karla has set up ARC and the many roles she has managed for success. We are fortunate to have several dedicated and experienced individuals who have worked with Karla for several years who will now take on these critical responsibilities.

Please join me and everyone at Animal Rescue Corps in celebrating Karla for all she has done and will continue to do to protect animals and better the world, wishing her the greatest success in her exciting new venture, and reminding her we still expect to see her volunteering in the field every time her new boss, Karla, can spare her!

With much gratitude and respect – Thank you, Karla!

karla post 1Scotlund

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