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A Film That Aspires to Fix America’s Companion Animal Crisis

1782133_894879667212023_9079829107537745209_nIn November 2014, while shutting down a Middle Tennessee puppy mill in a rescue dubbed Operation Home for the Holidays, Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) joined up with filmmakers Michael Samstag and Josh Gildre, of Rescue Docs Media. They wanted ARC to be part of a documentary they were creating and our emergency shelter would be their first stop on a five-thousand-mile journey around the U.S. as they would interview animal protection leaders, veterinarians, animal advocates, and other experts to learn what they are doing to reduce, and ultimately end the needless killing of 3-4 million homeless dogs and cats each year.

Details and tickets to Nashville area premier here.

Occasionally, ARC gets requests to be involved in reality TV shows and film projects. We have turned down most because the practice of many producers is to create artificial drama rather than seriously focusing on the subject matter. It was immediately clear that these filmmakers were different and that they shared ARC’s goals of inspiring compassion and contributing to lasting solutions to the serious problems facing animals. And, in my opinion, they achieved that goal.

PTR200-Southern Fix-NashvilleThis documentary, “A Southern Fix” examines details of the companion animal crisis of which many Americans are still unaware. Among which is the puppy mill industry where choices born of ignorance continue to fund the cruelty and greed behind the mass production of dogs. The film makes obvious the connection puppy mills have to the homeless population of companion animals in the United States and reveals the devastating consequences. A crisis so multifaceted that ending puppy mills is just one of many avenues to a solution. The film’s collection of animal protection leaders introduce the many proven methods that together make up the solution. The film requires that we begin to examine the root of all problems facing animals, the primary and difficult truth we must accept before proceeding effectively in creating a more compassionate and responsible world – that some life is not respected for its inherent value, but rather for its desirability or usefulness to us. One effect of this culture is dogs and cats whom many in our society consider disposable commodities.

View the trailer for “A Southern Fix” by clicking here.

10412002_895503450482978_654224529178228998_n“A Southern Fix” imparts on its viewers a raw, unprecedented look at the failing of our society to our companion animals, but it elevates itself from a documentary to a call to action when it seeks the answer to how we can individually and collectively do better. Answers and solutions are found as the film shines a spotlight on extraordinary efforts made by compassionate individuals and organizations throughout the country who are working hard to advocate for the increased legal protection of animals, to spread awareness of the critical need for spay and neuter,to make sterilization programs more available and affordable, to place all homeless animals with loving families, and more.

1496649_895503473816309_3507785920873677728_nAnimal Rescue Corps is proud to be one of many voices in this brave and compelling film and honored to have our work represented alongside a great number of others who have committed themselves to saving lives. “A Southern Fix” is a new and critical tool in our collective efforts as it informs and inspires viewers to make responsible changes in their own lives and to take action in contributing to our progress as a society.


Scotlund Haisley

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2 responses to “A Film That Aspires to Fix America’s Companion Animal Crisis”

  1. Melissa Uslabar says:

    I love the work you are doing! I am a supporter and donate monthly, I will be on the east coast soon and want to get involved with getting more hands on. I hope this brings awareness to so many people. These animals deserve better, it’s time for change.

  2. Maria Pella says:

    Someone in Hollywood needs this film sent to them and her name is Ellen DeGeneres.

    This is perfect for The Animal Planet or PBS.

    Good luck. We have to make a change.

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