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Manchester, TN – Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) assisted the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office today in the rescue of approximately 90 adult dogs and puppies and seven cats found living in extremely neglectful conditions at a home in Manchester, TN, about an hour northwest of Chattanooga. The animals were surrendered by the property owner.

Dogs of a variety of breeds, including Golden Retrievers, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Border Collies, Poodles, and Great Pyrenees, were found emaciated, living in complete darkness, several inches deep in their own feces, soaked in urine, in dangerously high levels of ammonia. Dogs were found in a garage in plastic and wire crates that were rusted shut and covered in cobwebs, in a barn in makeshift, pressed wood stalls with no windows, and locked in rooms of the house, surrounded by garbage and trashed belongings. The dogs themselves were so filthy and matted that some of their breeds were not immediately identifiable and some were matted to their cages by their own excrement. Animals were found in critical condition and rushed off the property to a veterinary hospital for emergency care. A wheelbarrow full of 10 deceased dogs covered in maggots was found on the property.

“The conditions we found these animals living in were beyond inhumane,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “The ARC team was on an operation in another state this past week but we didn’t hesitate to deploy resources when we saw the pictures of this property. My team drove through the night so these animals didn’t have to suffer any longer than they already have.”

ARC received an emergency call for assistance from the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office yesterday evening. The agency had received a complaint earlier on Saturday and responded to the property, where they found numerous violations of county and state animal cruelty codes.

“It was immediately obvious that we were going to need assistance in removing this large number of animals and getting them to safety as quickly as possible,” said Coffee County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Danny Ferrell. “Animal Rescue Corps was the only organization who could help us both document the scene and safely remove the animals and they were on the ground in less than 12 hours.”

ARC safely removed the animals from the property and transported them to an emergency shelter set up by ARC for this rescue, dubbed Operation Midnight Run. Each animal will receive a thorough veterinary exam, appropriate vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatment. ARC will provide daily care until the dogs are placed with approved shelter and rescue organizations around the country that will ultimately adopt them into loving homes.

Animal Rescue Corps performed Operation Midnight Run in conjunction with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office. Bissell Pet Foundation provided critical financial resources. New Leash on Life of Middle Tennessee in Lebanon, TN and PetSmart Charities® contributed essential equipment and supplies. Animal House Veterinary Clinic in Clarksville, TN and Premier Vet Care in Smyrna, TN provided emergency veterinary care for this rescue.

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  1. Judy. Salerno says:

    Many thanks for all you’re doing for these poor animals. Wish I could help.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you to high Heaven for saving these precious souls.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you to high Heaven

  4. Jonne cain says:

    thank you for saving these dogs . Shut these places down by doing inspections. So inhuman. Cruel. Praying these sweet little dogs get safe forever homes. You guys are Heros.

  5. Mary ann russell says:

    I am willing to help anytime or anywhere. I am now retired and would like to donate whatever would best serve dogs.and/or cats. Thank you. Mary Ann Russell

  6. Mary Zack says:

    how could these changes mediation a go for so long and not be found?
    It is deplorable that these animals had to suffer like this. All of us must raise our voice to educate, mandate and legislate on behalf of the those that have no voice!

  7. Nena Jordan says:


  8. Cari Espinosa says:

    What an amazing job you do. If I didn’t work full time, I’d love to be involved. How can we follow these poor dogs and see when they are available for adoption? I’m interested in the Border collies.

  9. Jessica Meeks says:

    I am so sad that this was found where I live! I am so thankful for all of you that assisted in the rescue of these babies! I thank each and every one of you! I am interested in adopting one of these babies if it’s possible. We have been looking for a small house dog for our family. I have a child allergic to pet dander so we have been looking for a schnauzer or something like that preferably male. If you can assist us with a small child friendly dog to become a part of our family we would love to adopt. Thank you all for what you do for God’s precious creature’s!

  10. This place sounds like an animal concentration camp. A real live horror show in Tennessee. It’s an amazing, and miraculous testament to see all of y’all to come together AND move in, and in just 12 hours this rescue was Underway!! Those poor animals were in such deplorable shape and kept in the worst cages, stalls, and rooms of any posted rescue that I’ve EVER seen !!! This was a Mercy Rescue all around by an amazing and awesome group of organizations that came together performed a miracle. The professional and quick organization of this rescue speaks highly for everyone involved. Bless you every single one of you!!!

  11. God Bless you all for the job that you guys do. I know it can not be an easy one and I wish I could give just a little but I am disabled, with a teen and we cane from an abusive marriage. So I know a little about being mistreated. I will keep all of you in my prayers and I know that the Good Lord is and will Bless you all for the work that is being done. God Bless

    Thank You, Melinda Garner

  12. MJ says:

    are these people running the puppy mill going to jail?
    This is unacceptable and we need to know if they are going to be held accountable!

  13. Daliaashman says:

    i live in Florida..I work with a few rescue groups. Wish I was closer… If you can get them to me I’ll take two and nurture them provide uptodate vet care and adopt them out to loving forever homes. I have 2 rescue dogs two rescue cats and 2 birds.,. Love them always.

  14. Linda Hinson says:

    This is outrageous that these poor animals can be kept in such deplorable conditions. Breaks my heart. The monsters need to pay for their sufferings!

  15. Virginia Ayers says:

    How can I help with the dogs that was in the news last night and today. I’m a good dog walker and I need to walk

    Thanks, Virginia Ayers
    retired school teacher

  16. Neida says:

    Whats taking so long to find these abused animals? Isn’t anyone paying attention to their surroundings? If there’s anything I can do I will be glad to help.

  17. I would foster a dog if yll need me to

  18. linda simpkins says:

    If their is anything that I can do to help by offering my time and care please let me know.I would love to cuddle and love everyone of these babies. May God bless everyone involved in helping these poor animals. Their is no excuse for this.

  19. Theresa says:

    I am currently a foster with Big Fluffy dog rescue and have in the past volunteered with small dog rescues. I would be happy to foster if needed

  20. miriam says:

    how doi help rescue join the corp here in Canada

  21. Wendy says:

    Where can i bring food and supplies to help these dogs? Kindly advise. I live in franklin tn.

  22. Jennifer West says:

    Hello. When all of the dogs have been cleaned up amd their breed is identified. I am trying to find out if there is a female silky terrerior. Age around 10 or 11 in this group of animals. He ne was Fancy and ownership can be proven. This dog belonged to my mother amd at the time she let her go. This situation we were not aware of. Thank you.
    Jennifer West.

    • Tim Woodward says:

      Is the dog you are talking about male or female? Your message indicates both? Please see information below.
      Please send the following information to If there is a possible match someone will contact you. photos, age, chip number, unique markings or medical conditions, flier or police report from when he went missing. Thank you and sorry for your loss.

  23. Russell Hamby says:

    I have called the sheriff’s dept but wondered if you could tell me if the Pyrenese was a female? We live off Wayside road and our female Pyrenese, Maddie, has been missing since the week after Christmas. We searched for her and called the shelter for over a month with no results. Just wanted her back if she was in this group found. Thank you.

    • Tim Woodward says:

      I believe the Pyrenese is a male but see the information below:
      Please send the following information to If there is a possible match someone will contact you. photos, age, chip number, unique markings or medical conditions, flier or police report from when he went missing. Thank you and sorry for your loss.

  24. Alyson Ebaugh says:

    God bless the ARC Saints! I am grateful for your loving, generous hearts. Your work MATTERS!

  25. Judy Mohler says:

    How can I help? Care, foster, assistance at the shelter, bathing? Adoption? 931-563-7275

  26. Alisa says:

    I have some questions regarding the rescue here recently. I have a puppy that was dognapped from my home she is a dachshund and pom mix , black with brown spots and a white spot in her paw. I was wondering if she could have been rescued with them.

    • Tim Woodward says:

      That description does not sound like any of the dogs rescued but you can follow the instructions below.
      Please send the following information to If there is a possible match someone will contact you. photos, age, chip number, unique markings or medical conditions, flier or police report from when he went missing. Thank you and sorry for your loss.

  27. Crystal Ellis says:

    I have a male Jack Russell dog that went missing in Coffee County near the Operation Midnight Run. I would like to know if you found any Jack Russell dogs in this rescue.

    • Tim Woodward says:

      Please send the following information to If there is a possible match someone will contact you. photos, age, chip number, unique markings or medical conditions, flier or police report from when he went missing. Thank you and sorry for your loss.

  28. Leah says:

    Bless you for the work you are doing.

  29. Laura says:

    I am so happy you all got to those poor dogs. Thank you for what you all do.

  30. neta jones says:

    I would like to donate to help this babies where do i send it

    • Tim Woodward says:

      Thank you. You can send it to:
      Animal Rescue Corps
      1380 Monroe St. NW #326
      Washington, DC 20010-3452

  31. Patty Schoen-Jones says:

    Do you know where these precious furbabies came from ? We have a Great Pyrenees missing over a year and believe he was stolen from our property . We live on the TN/GA state line . Are these rescued dogs being checked for Microchips? This is breaking my heart an pray for loving forever homes . I need to know our missing furbaby is not one of these dogs . Thank you

  32. We have experience in puppy mill rescue dogs. If we can be of assistance please let us know.
    Natalie Moore
    Lafayette, IN

  33. Kelly unsell says:

    My dog of 14 years passed away two days before the rescue in Manchester I am interested in adoption when these poor babies are ready….thank you God bless

  34. Armella Feil says:

    Thank you for helping these poor animals!

  35. I’m a retired school teacher and we live on a farm. We raise crops. We have been looking for a chocolate lab.
    we would love to have a female and would be willing to have her spade. A puppy would be great or a young dog would work well with my other dogs. She would have a great quality of life with us, because she’ll have plenty of room to run. Please call me at 931 668 3846 and ask for Virginia. We live at 602 Douglas Cove Rd. McMinnville, TN.37110

    • Tim Woodward says:

      Animal Rescue Corps does not directly adopt out the animals we rescue. We place the animals with pre-approved non-profit placement partners where these animals will continue their journey to a loving home. Animal Rescue Corps will announce the placement partners on our Facebook page as they are identified and individuals will need to contact those partner organizations and follow their adoption process. However, many of the animals we rescue require extensive time for rehabilitation or medical treatments and may not appear immediately on that organization’s list of animals available for adoption. We encourage those looking to add a new companion animal to their family to visit our partner’s pages and consider all the animals that are currently available. Thank you.

      • Carol Powley says:

        So all of these pups will be adopted out ultimately, right, and not euthanized? I would hate to see them end up at a kill shelter, especially after all they went through! They deserve a change at life.
        Thank you so much for rescuing them!!!

        • Tim Woodward says:

          Yes, the will all ultimately be adopted. If a placement partner has trouble placing an animal, ARC remains committed and will work to transfer the animal to another partner if necessary.

  36. LISA HOVDEN says:



  37. Pamela Brokenwolf Gardner says:

    There is also a petition circulating to go after this woman with everything. In NC she could get two years for each dog.

  38. very generous people to give of their time efforts and finances to help these angels. I adopted a min pin from a similar situation and she has some medical expenses that I gladly pay to give her the best life from here out. I hope others will adopt a dog from a situation such as this, they are truly loving and greatful for it. I am just glad I could do it and never regret it. My doggy loves me so much and I love her back beyond what I could describe. People need to open their homes and time to help these animals it is worth all of it. People have to understand by saving one and changing one dogs life it makes all the difference in the world.

  39. Just tell me where I can go to help out!

  40. I pray this woman gets what she has coming to her. I am so sick that we do not prosecute to the max for this kind of cruelty. On the other hand, You all will be blessed all your days for the work you do.

  41. Jim Kieselburg says:

    I have a rescue that I adopted just a year ago that was confiscated from a hoarder in Arkansas and brought here to Wisconsin. It’s ‘heart painful’ to view this, but I am grateful for all that you do. A donation is in the mail today!
    Please tell me that the perpetrator(s) will be prosecuted! In many areas, animal abuse is a felony and a felony is punishable with incarceration. That punishment certainly would be fitting in this (Manchester, TN) situation.

  42. JoanB says:

    We just watched the video of your compassionate rescue of those poor dogs & cats during “Operation Midnight Run”. The deplorable conditions these poor animals were in just rips your heart out! You & your team are truly Angels. Thank and GOD bless you all. Keep safe & keep up the much needed work to save & protect gods gentle creatures.

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