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“Waiting” – Honoring the Compassion of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Last week, Canadian soldier, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, was murdered in an act of terrorism in that nation’s capital of Ottawa. A country lost a soldier, father, son, and hero. One part of the story that particularly touched me is that Nathan Cirillo was also a hero to the animals.  I did not have the honor of knowing Nathan but he was a brother in the field of animal rescue. When he was not on duty protecting his country, he was protecting animals. Driven by compassion, he rescued animals having them medically treated and feeding them as he brought them back to life. He fulfilled his promise to them that they would never suffer again by placing them into loving adoptive homes. Two of his rescues, Kiya and Beau found love and sanctuary with Nathan and his human family.

Acts of terrorism like this one are unimaginable. It is difficult to wrap our heads around such hate and violence. Those of us that have companion animals often rely on the deep bonds we have formed with our four-legged family members at times of grief. They keep us grounded, they make us laugh, love and live again. They are a constant source of companionship and comfort as we come terms as individuals and as a society during tragic moments like this one.

As the images of Nathan and his loved ones were broadcast throughout the world last week, there was one image in particular that made this tragedy very personal to me. It was the image of Nathan’s dog, Kiya, lying amongst an impromptu memorial in wait for her guardian to come home just as she had done every day before. I reflected how this time, the man who was her life would not come home and without him she would once again feel lost.

As an artist, I am inspired by the powerful images of suffering and salvation that I witness during my animal rescue work. I typically paint these images capturing the intensity of these scenes. I was just as inspired by Kiya to offer a portal to her world and emotion through my art and I am happy to know that Kiya and Beau will remain with the family and be cared for by Nathan’s mother.

100% of the sale of this painting will be donated to the humane society in Nathan’s community, the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.

Painting details:


Acrylic on metal 24”X 24” salvaged ceiling tile

Price $900 (Canadian dollars)

For information on how to purchase this painting, please contact:

Melissa Bennett, Donor Development Officer, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

Office:  905-574-7722 ext. 330;  Cell:  905 531 3117


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One response to ““Waiting” – Honoring the Compassion of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo”

  1. Maureen Royce says:

    I didn’t know Nathan Cirillo personally either, but still feel a connection. Thank you Scotland for your tribute to Nathan.
    It means a lot to be recognized by a fellow animal advocate.

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