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MADISON, TN – Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), an international non-profit animal protection organization, is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the person or persons responsible for shooting and killing a Davidson County family’s horse Monday.

The horse, a 6-year-old female Tennessee Walking Horse named Sable, was shot in the pasture at the home of John Coarsey, a public servant of 35 years, on the 500 block of East Campbell Road in Madison between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Neighbors reportedly heard a gunshot between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Sable belonged to the Coarsey family, including Heather Robertson, who is a volunteer member of the ARC team and the Senior Veterinarian at the Nashville Zoo.

The Coarseys noticed that Sable appeared to be ill Monday night and called in equine veterinarian who found a wound in her side. The cause was not apparent but she was in obvious and irreparable distress and she was to be euthanized but she died before this course of action could be taken. A necropsy performed by Kord Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory found a bullet that had been shot through Sable’s ribs, went through her intestine, and ended up in her left lung.

“It’s hard to imagine how anyone could take the life of a family’s beloved animal, especially when the animal’s guardian has dedicated her life to saving animals,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “It is unprecedented for Animal Rescue Corps to offer a reward in a criminal case but we are standing up for a member of the ARC family and for justice.”

The family is devastated by their loss and hopes anyone that knows who is responsible for this will come forward. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s “urgent without emergency” line at 615-862-8600 and reference  case number 20130334616.

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  1. As the world was being explored and expanded to what we now call the world as we know today (maybe that wasn’t such a good thing the way the world is today )it was horses and mules (beasts of burden if you will)they were the only means off mobility exploration transportation -they were the only way to move people products as well as discovering new geographical locations finding new places to live work and grow- they gave their lives to go west they sacrificed their loved ones to carry and tote people things to places unknown yet to be discovered that most would say help to shape this wonderful world we live in today?horses and mules faced dangers by carrying supplies and people for people that were adventurous wanted to see more than their own back yard to make their own lives more comfortable for themselves – people always wanting more and more to develop more and more the want for things that made them famous by discoveries of more money to line their pockets with -greed played a big part in the use and down the ones that they love and are love by (isn’t that what we all want ? to die surrounded by our love ones in comfort and dignity)as all beings should -what a world we have become we now chase down our only wild horses left with helicopters until they die or drop from exhausting for greed of money by selling the horses to slaughter or clearing more land for profit -no matter how you look at it torture is and was never necessary against lovely creature that have given use so much in so many ways for so long over the years -how can ?people?live with themselves sleep at night knowing what is actually is happening to the very creatures that help us become free and comfortable in this world that they died over for years helping create the world that we so extensively enjoy without though of how we came to be free and prosperous to live our life -why have we not come to appreciating the very creatures that worked so hard sacrificed so much gave their live to reach this goal( the backbone that was use abused and destroyed for our own greed and means of becoming this world -what kind of ?people?have we become to turn away and pretend to not see the torture instead of coming to appreciate our wonderful gifts we were given to help us all through the development of our world ?estruction of horses and mules – they went to war in our cavalry taking our men into battle too bring freedom to our country and saving many men as well -they really were the backbone in the development of our country -they even became a source of entertainment for the equestrians that also wanted to be famous and the ones that wanted to win the purse of races to again make more money for themselves(they also the winners when growing older are being destroyed after making their owners their money instead of just putting them out to pasture to live out their lives in comfort and dignity (after making their owners their money you would think they could appreciate the input they had in what their lives had become due to their winnings that made their lives so comfortable and prosperous while they cruise in their yachts -now they torture them for things that are not even necessary they bludgeon them to death our young horses (even when there are ways of putting down a horses without torture (their not doing it to take them out of misery due to illness or broken bodies due to abuse) they just do it either out of greed for money or torture out of pleasure in having the control just because they can (that is sick)instead of properly putting them down in a humane way or just letting go back to nature to live out their lives in a natural way to die among their own feeling love isn’t that what we all want !!!

  2. Lauren Paytes says:

    There are no words to express how heartbreaking and devastating this is. I own 5 horses. One of them is a 6 year old TWH mare. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if something similar happened to her…..

    I am so very sorry for the loss of Sable. I pray for peace and justice. Much appreciation to ARC for offering a reward. I hope more donations come in to increase the amount of the reward and it entices someone to talk.

  3. Dear ARC & John Coarsey,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you find the responsible person(s). Sometimes I hate people and their ignorance. May Sable rest in peace.


    Wendy Rabitor

  4. ROBIN PARIS says:

    I can’t believe this! I never even heard about this! I love this famr! The picture I have on my facebook homepage is of this farm! How could anyone be so cruel. People are so sick and cruel. What a coward to shoot a poor defenseless animal. I hope the murderer gets what is coming to them!

  5. GARY GERSIN says:


  6. gennie says:

    you should not shoot horses or kill them

  7. Glynda Cone says:

    So sorry this happened. I know and understand well the heartache you are going thru. One of our horses was shot last year it was devastating. We had her since she was 2 year old beautiful paint. She was over 20 when she was shot, we expected she would die peacefully of her age but to be killed tore our hearts out. She was shot in the shoulder and shattered her shoulder so she suffered because it was not an instant kill shot and we were at work. At least we got to be with her as the vet euthanized her and let her know how much we loved her. Hopefully you will find the person that did this and get justice for her.

  8. Catherine Romine says:

    My sincerest sympathy to the family that lost such a beautiful family member ! Gain strength and love from all of us that are dedicated to the cause of saving animals lives ! The gates to heaven will open once again and the beauty and love there shall welcome this precious one ! As an ARC arc angel, I will be in prayer for your strength and moreso for the conviction of the person responsible ! Peace within!

  9. PENNY says:


  10. Melody Richardson says:

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Animal abuse, cruelty, torture and neglect is an epidemic in this country and many other countries around the world and the MONSTER who did this should be removed from society and sent to prison for the rest of their life.

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