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A New Year’s Message to the Corps

Dear Corps Member,

Together, we are making the change we wish to see

ARC volunteers provide comfort in emergency shelter.

ARC volunteers provide comfort in emergency shelter

As Animal Rescue Corps’ ranks of compassion soldiers continue to swell, I am very proud of what we are creating together and you should be as well. Whether you are one of our 700 ARC Angels, have volunteered at an ARC rescue or event, have provided funds for our life-saving work, are a valued placement partner, or have simply spread the word about our critical suffering-ending work – you are the Corps. You are responsible for giving hope to thousands – thousands of animals who only knew fear and darkness before we liberated them and gave them new life.

As we begin a new year together, it is worth a moment to reflect on the year that has ended and allow that to inspire us to make even greater advances in the year ahead.  I am amazed by what we have accomplished together this past year. We yet again witnessed unimaginable suffering and together we cut the chains, tore down the cages, bound the wounds, and saved lives.

We entered into the sadistic dog fighting industry – where dogs are pitted against one another for human greed and entertainment. Our crusade to put an end to the cruel confines of puppy mills continued – an industry that profits from the unimaginable suffering of millions of dogs a year.

Opening the pens: Operation Freedom Dogs

Opening the pens: Operation Freedom Dogs

We responded to the pleas of dozens of animals who needed our help after Hurricane Isaac and hundreds more who were held captive in deplorable conditions under the control of a mental disorder known as hoarding – the second most common form of animal cruelty in the United States. We came to aid of other neglected and abused animals of many different species, including victims of the cruel exotics industry.  And we continued to assist our law enforcement partners in confronting the individuals who profit from exploiting innocent lives. 

In 2012 Animal Rescue Corps fulfilled, in varying degrees, every aspect of our mission and purpose. We offered relief, resources, and proactive assessment and direction to private and municipal animal shelters and rescues throughout the U.S. We trained and certified hundreds of volunteers in our Basic Animal Rescue Course(BARC). We expanded our humane education mission as we were featured in HBO’s “One Nation Under Dog” and launched our “Educate 2 End” initiative with public service announcements featuring musician Sheryl Crow.

Basic Animal Rescue Course, Dallas, TX

Basic Animal Rescue Course, Dallas, TX

I am not only pleased with what we have been able to accomplish for the animal together, I am incredibly proud of how we do it. ARC is driven by a small army of compassionate volunteers and the generosity of people who believe supporting ARC is one of the best ways to invest in compassion. We are small but we are an efficient and effective organization with more than 85 cents of every dollar raised going directly to our mission related activities and rescue operations.

Looking forward to 2013, we will continue to expand the solid base we are creating together.  Our story of compassion-in-action will continue to touch the hearts of individuals who care about animals as we do.  We will strengthen existing partnerships and build new alliances, because by working together we will put an end to animal suffering.  We will continue to improve communication and show appreciation to our donors and volunteers, who make these life-saving efforts possible.  Certainly important among these is to continue to communicate the importance of and show appreciation to the ranks of our monthly contributors, our ARC Angels.

Important to all our supporters, we will continue to challenge ourselves to become an even more efficient and effective organization for the animals.  And, we will work very hard to reach an even wider audience to plant the seeds of compassion for all animals.  Working together, through our unique and determined compassionate action, even greater change will come, bringing us closer and closer to the responsible and kind society we wish to see.

On behalf of those who benefit from your acts of compassion, thank you and Happy New Year!







Scotlund Haisley

President and Founder, Animal Rescue Corps

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2 responses to “A New Year’s Message to the Corps”

  1. Sandra Webster says:

    I love what you all do for these animals !! Many of your stories bring tears to my eyes !! I could never even think about hurting an animal the way some people do. I wish I could do what you do but we don’t have an animal rescue where I live but we do have a Humane Society where they can be adopted. Thanks for all you do for the innocent defenseless animals !!

  2. Pam Rudy says:

    I want to help. I’d like to volunteer, tell me how to get started.


    Pam Rudy

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