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Ashland City, TN – International non-profit animal protection organization Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) removed 65 dogs from the property of a suspected dog fighting operation today in Ashland City, about 35 minutes west of Nashville, in a rescue mission called Operation Broken Chain.

On Thanksgiving night the Ashland City Fire Department and the Pleasant View Fire Department responded to a brush fire at an Ashland City residence. Their discovery of a large number of dogs chained around the property prompted them to call Cheatham County Animal Control (CCAC) who identified the situation as a suspected dog fighting/breeding operation. CCAC found 65 dogs, mostly American Pit Bull Terriers and some Beagles, all requiring medical attention, none with access to food or fresh water.

“We believe this is the largest dog fighting rescue in Tennessee history,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “The conditions Animal Rescue Corps found on this property are the worst I have ever seen at a dog fighting operation in my 22-year career in animal protection.”

CCAC identified dogfighting paraphernalia such as a treadmill, fighting pen, and a spring pole used for strengthening dogs’ jaws. The dogs are underweight, have sores covering their bodies, and are exhibiting signs of internal parasites, but are all very eager for affection despite their desperate living conditions and medical needs.

“I quickly realized that Cheatham County Animal Control needed support in immediately addressing this situation,” said CCAC Director TJ Jordi. “The Animal Rescue Corps team was on the ground in less than 24 hours to support this rescue operation.”

All the animals on the property were surrendered to CCAC and relocated to an emergency shelter outside of Nashville. Their daily care and medical needs will be met by ARC until they can be assessed for placement and transported to partners around the country.

Animal Rescue Corps performed this rescue in conjunction with: Cheatham County Animal Control; New Leash on Life, a shelter in Lebanon, TN; Agape Animal Rescue out of Nashville; the Nashville Zoo and the Tennessee State Highway Patrol.

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  1. Tamalin says:

    Another good day! A.R.C. is always helping animals in need.

  2. Willie Wonka says:

    THANK YOU, SCOTLUND !! You always prove to be the best friend these animals have !! We support your efforts and hope people will contribute to help you continue to save these poor dogs. The fight continues ….

  3. Gena Metcalf says:

    Dear Animal Rescue Corps,
    We are grateful for the difficult task your group has taken on and we know that people like you can make a major difference. We want to know when you will come to Georgia to help us. Even though we have laws against dog fighting that doesn’t mean it is not here.
    What actions will be taken against these people? If we can’t make an example out of these people, we will never stop it.
    I look forward to your reply!
    Gena and Tom Metcalf

  4. Lisa says:

    These dog fighting operations really have to stop. Dogs are pets. We bread them this way. We really need to stop making our best friends turn into enemies for financial gain. I hope these sick bastards are being charged and never see the light of day again.

  5. Cindy Sljoan says:

    OMG! I cannot believe this still happens! … BLESSINGS to you for Rescuing them!!!

  6. Barbara Derr says:

    I’m So thankful that you were able to rescue those poor dogs. This is the most horrible thing to happen to dogs who just want love.

    I’m Christian and I know God will judge these people for causing all this pain on His creation. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!!!!

  7. Carol Brady-Fonvielle says:

    I hope that all of these guyz will be able to be rehabilitated & adopted!!!

  8. Gosh whoever is responsible for having all those dogs chained should be chained and have no access to food or water. I feel so sorry for those animals. I hope some nice people out there will give them a good home.

  9. This is horrific. How can anyone do this to any animal. My heart is so sad where I hear of any abuse to animals. I pray God will bless and hold each and every one….

  10. Diane says:

    Thank you for the work you do!

  11. Karen Kinnard says:

    How can I help? I live in Nashville, will volunteer is possible.

  12. Lillie says:

    Great work! And an extra huge THANKS for such quick action over the holiday time.

  13. Marni says:

    Dogfighting is for cowards.
    the real heros are the rescuers who take these dogs away from their dungeon of hell.

  14. Lacy says:

    Thank you so much for stepping up once again for animals in need. As a TN citizen and a rescuer, I am hearing more and more stories of suspected fighting rings in mid TN. PLEASE urge the news to do a follow up story and educate people as to what to look for and how to report dog fighting. AGAIN.. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SADDENED HEART.. THANK YOU

  15. Debbie says:

    Animal abuse and neglect is a regular occurence in TN and the south. When will these people be prosecuted? As long as everyone continues to turn a blind eye to this, this neanderthal mentality here will continue on, it’s shameful and disgusting. While it is not everyone in the south or TN, there is a huge number of society who finds this kind of thing acceptable. For a portion of the country who pride themselves on their biblical heritage and conservatism and how much ‘they love the Lord’, this kind of behavior shows otherwise.

    • marti says:

      Debbie i agree it is wrong but you are lumping TN and the south as though we all believe it is not wrong, this goes on all over the country and there are many good people here and many good organizations who try to help the animals, the way you write is to put us all down and this is wrong, yes the south has their problems but so do other areas, i have lived all over the united states and have seen it everywhere I go. all people, no matter where they are need to realize it is wrong and try to help in one way or another. I praise the people in all areas who try to help and all organizations who do the same.

      • nicki says:

        yes marti, in fact i learned that many fighting dogs are bred in the south west US where I live, and are shipped all over the US. This is a criminal culture that condones dog fighting, goes beyond racial barriers. Drugs, gambling, thrill, easy money, and absence of human decency.

      • Don says:

        True — it does go one all over the country.

        But this pattern of animal abuse is much stronger in the South than anyplace else. Not speculating on how or why that is. But I do know that right now, as we speak, dozens and dozens of rescue agencies around the South are posting stories and photos of gruesome abuse, by cruelty neglect, or just plain stupidity, and plaintive pleas for help.

        This can change. But the first step is to own up to it and, for example, pass the kind of laws punishing cruelty to animals that states outside the South tend to have, and those inside the South do not.

        And a close second, shut down and heavily penalize dog-fighting operations and the places that breed dogs for this purpose. This setting appears to create up to half of the problem, and these dogs are often adoptable. Send people to jail.

      • carol says:

        but marti ,these rescuers have been in tn 7 times in 2 yrs … what does that tell u ?
        i know what it tells me . i also believe southern states are bad … local animal shelters in the state of ma , which is where i live , rescue southern dogs .. they just rescued 10 dogs from texas and this is not the first time this shelter has rescued dogs from down south … 6 mths ago they rescued dogs from ga .i am proud to live where i live .. we believe in animal rights to the fullest.

        • Annette says:

          Carol Animals need welfare not rights there is a difference we need to educate the public on how to properly take care of their pets not just tie them out and give them meals they need interaction as well as daily handling this gives them a sense of purpose they also need to be obedience training as this creates a bond that can be a great thing with people like yourself and others like you looking out for animals welfare then we can start to make a difference (dog fighting is ALL OVER not just in the south just seems more prevalent in the south as there are more places to hide it not so in more populated areas) please educate the people on the differences of welfare and rights thank you

      • Jericho says:

        Debbie is right. I have traveled all over the country and am astonished at the way TN and the south in general treat their animals, as well as other people. They really need to clean up their act. They talk holier than thou but their actions speak differently. Don’t get me wrong – there are a good many very good people in the south but the general view of animals is poor compared to most other parts of the country.

    • carol says:

      debbie i totally agree with what u are saying .

  16. mel says:

    i wish there were harsher punishments for animal abuse, neglect, fighting, and murder. it just sickens me that people get away with it. no consequences what so ever. toughen up the laws, and actually arrest and jail people and maybe this will stop

  17. Gert says:

    So very sad..laws need to change this is horribly wrong! They prey on the innocent! We can only imagine how many lost their lives before this was stumbled upon. Government needs to step in and support all rescues and agencies saving animals everywhere…and bring those who abuse,neglect and murder an animal to justice!

  18. V. Chaplin says:

    It is epidemic in the south. Just look at local Craigslist. There is nothing on there but puppy mill puppies.

    • Smashville says:

      This is not a state or a regional problem. It is widespread through out the country. It is important that everyone is ALL states/regions be aware and alert to animal abuse. Tennessee happens to have people in rural areas who are willing to speak up on behalf or the animals, and reach out to ARC and use their partnership to save lives. No state or region is without guilt when it comes to issues of animal abuse and neglect.

  19. rich says:

    thanks Scotlund, it was a great experience helping built the cages for these rescue dogs. I pray they all get loving homes and the persons responsible are held accountable.

  20. jangel407 says:

    It’s wonderful to hear about another animal abuse case discovered especially because of the suspected dog fighting ring that it looks like it is. Those 65 or so dogs will be forever grateful to you to finally be given the chance to live in a happy,loving and safe home in the future. It’s just so sad to know that for every potential dog fighting case that is discovered there are quite a bit of them that still go undected. I just want people to realize that if they even have a remote chance to think that they have possibly discovered a fighing ring or just plain abouse to any animal or specific breed abuse THEY MUST notify the proper authorities. Even if it may be unfounded at the time the Animal Control groups will be on alert to make sure it doesn’t become a problem in the futurel I want to thank you all for your love and compassion to dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. God will bless you all in his own wayl

  21. Jessica says:

    I live in washington state and am looking to adopt another pitbull. I have 2. Can someone tell me how i can save a puppy.

  22. dee says:


  23. Annick says:

    Thank you for the great job and for been there for them, it is very sad laws should change and severely punish these people

  24. dee Daniel says:

    Look at the Michael Vick case here in VA. He had to serve a little time and now he’s right back playing football again. About six weeks ago, he said his children shouldn’t be punished for what he did and they wanted a dog. They were allowed to get one. He wasn’t supposed to own a dog for six years. This case makes me sick. At least the surviving dogs went to good forever homes.

  25. Sandra says:

    As the mom of one of the Vicktory dogs (fighting dogs removed from Michael Vick) I pray that all of these dogs’ lives will be spared.

  26. jason says:

    man i have owned these breeds for a long time and this hurts to know that all the hard work i have done with the breed isnt done im glad they are in great care if you need anythig please feel free to contact me

  27. Leslie says:

    Are they being considered for adoption? Please let me know.

  28. Pat says:

    I wish someone would do undercover investigations in Florida since we have so many rural areas where dog fighting is rampant and neighbors are too scared to report it since guns, gangs and drugs are involved.

  29. Lauren says:

    I hope the owners of this operation were taken to jail. Animal abuse needs to be recognized as dangerous as human abuse.

  30. Kimberly Campoli says:

    Scotlund and ARC you are the true angels on this earth!
    I will donate to this cause and I am so profoundly grateful
    to you all! This breaks my heart!!
    Sending so much love, light and prayers to you and
    those magnificent, soulful creatures!

    xoxo Kimberly from Los Angeles

  31. Melissa Fruscella says:

    Donation from Texas coming your way! Thanks so much for all you do.

  32. weezyljm says:

    $$ sent via chip-in, with sincere holiday wishes that they all find a safe, loving happy home in 2013.

  33. cindy johnson says:

    how do i help? i live in smyrna,tn. i was thinking of volunteering on friday…..

  34. michael says:

    I would love to have 4 of them. As inside dogs that are so pretty. I can’t beleave someone would do that

  35. Julie Denson says:

    To think of an animal being treated so bad and in-humane is sad. It tugs at our hearts, as it should. I personally , and hope everyone else will give what they can.

  36. eric says:

    What are the steps to adopting these animals

  37. karen says:

    It is an epidemic everywhere. Famous “Patrick” the starved, discarded pittie was in NJ. Look at CL in PA, and MO and you will see the same thing. It exists everywhere, and kind, compassionate people exist everywhere to counter it.

  38. Susan says:

    Hi, where did the dog with the funny ears go? I am interested in adopting…

  39. Kim says:

    I reported a breeder that lives a quartr mile from me. The authorities did nothing. These dogs are not in good condition.

  40. Kathy Bryant says:

    Would love to adopt but there doesn’t seem to be any info on adoption.

  41. Maureen says:

    Thank God for angels!! We are there voices <3

  42. rachel says:

    Were the beagles being used for fighting as well? Are any of them available for adoption? I was thinking about adopting a beagle in January as a companion for my lab-hound mix, so would like some more information. I would also like to volunteer, if the shelter needs any help. Please let me know who to contact for that. Thank you.

  43. […] We are happy to announce the arrival of two new dogs to OOTP Rescue. Dewey and Priscilla joined us from Operation Broken Chain in Tennessee.  Below is a link to an article about the horrific situation from which they were rescued by Animal Rescue Corps.… […]

  44. Susan Noe says:

    Since the horrid dog fighting operation was discovered on Thanksgiving night on Buckeye Road in Ashland City, I haven’t heard any more about the incident. It was on the local news for several days and then just stopped. I was hoping the sick persons would have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law by now. PLEASE DO NOT LET THESE MONSTERS GO UNPUNISHED. Thank you for your help and continued help. God Bless You.

  45. KT says:

    Four men now face multiple counts of animal cruelty after investigators raided a dog fighting ring in Cheatham County in November.

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