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The Course of Freedom

To the Corps:

As most of you know, Animal Rescue Corps spent all of July in Tennessee saving nearly 200 animals in two large-scale rescue missions – Operation Freedom Parts 1 and 2 – and we’ve since been proudly sharing (through pictures and updates) the work we, along with our supporters, partners and volunteers, collectively accomplished. Just this past Friday we premiered the feature video of our latest operations, but, as those who have seen it already know, this wasn’t our usual recap of a rescue. Though we sometimes expand our coverage in both time and scope to highlight a particular animal’s story or a specific aspect of our work, we usually share, sometimes in just two-three minutes, a quick look at what is really a much larger and complex story.

Those complexities and details have now been captured in this unique short film. This in-depth ARC documentary, the first of its kind, presents the manifold processes of large-scale rescue operations, granting those who haven’t been on deployment an understanding they’ve never before had of the intricacies of our work and reminding those who were there of the precious moments we shared and the sweat and tears we happily shed in accomplishing our mission.

Please enjoy and share this story of freedom and justice for all.

I am filled with pride as I watch the individuals who carried out the many specialized responsibilities on these operations give their accounts of their roles and experiences as we lead you from the case histories to the animals’ forever homes. The film’s narrative really takes the viewer on the rescue with us – from the initial assessment and setup to the satisfying closure as we see the animals heading down the path to recovery and rehabilitation with their foster families. Join us in watching this short film and then sharing with others the joy that comes with seeing the before images of animals who were desperate for relief followed by the after pictures of these same animals in clear, cool ponds in which they can freely swim and stretch their wings, in lush pastures in which they happily graze and forage, and in comfy beds in which they can peacefully relax.

Many people want to join Animal Rescue Corps on a rescue and as we grow, we hope to make that a possibility for more and more people. Whether you fill one of the few, specialized roles on the extraction team or you are one of the compassionate volunteers at the ARC emergency shelter offering a gentle touch and ensuring high-quality daily care and social enrichment… it is an immeasurably rewarding and memorable experience every time to witness firsthand the phoenixes rise from the ashes.

Whether you ever physically attend a rescue or not, I know you always stand with us in spirit, and we will continue to bring you along with us and share every part of this work with you through pictures, videos, stories, and documentaries like this one – our most comprehensive to date. It is important for you to know, you don’t have to be on the ground with us to put your compassion into action. Each dollar you give, each rescue image you share, each message you spread, helps us keep our promise to the animals we save that their suffering has ended forever.

You are the Corps and your collective and continued support makes great things for the animals possible. Thank you for all of your hard work and support. We couldn’t do it without YOU!

Until they suffer no more,

Scotlund Haisley
President and Founder
Animal Rescue Corps




P.S.: Please check our website and Facebook page regularly for volunteer positions needing to be filled and information on when we will be bringing our volunteer training – Basic Animal Rescue Course (BARC) – to a location near you. In the meantime, through your personal and professional lives, take your own talents and knowledge of animal suffering to find creative ways to join us in putting an end to the many horrific abuses of animals and make this a truly civilized nation.


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