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Compassion in Action on Film

The last seven years have produced several high-impact, feature-length documentaries about the plight of animals, such as The Cove, Earthlings, Born to be Wild, Dealing Dogs, and Death on a Factory Farm. Each of these films has had a major impact in my life as they have had in millions of others. I believe this is indicative of where we are headed as a society – growing our compassion through our increasing awareness.

Scotlund at NYC premier of One Nation Under Dog

Animal Rescue Corps and some of its valued partners including Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue, PAWS New England, and John Gagnon’s Pet Resort are featured in this latest call to action captured on celluloid, HBO’s One Nation Under Dog. This documentary exposes several difficult truths, aspects of which have never before been presented in the mass media. In three parts, it explores themes of “Fear”, “Loss”, and “Betrayal”, as they relate to a species that for thousands of years has stood loyally by our side.

In “Betrayal”, Animal Rescue Corps leads the viewer behind the scenes of “that doggie in the window” into the puppy mill industry, showing the real, but hidden cost of buying dogs from stores, online, or through newspaper ads. Revealed are the cruel confines and the neglect that millions of dogs endure at the hands of greed, funded by choices born of ignorance. The connection is made to the irrefutable, massive, negative impact puppy mills have on this country’s pet population crisis and how our society deals with it – Millions of dogs are born in puppy mills every year, while, in the same period, millions are put to death in animal shelters across the country. This is just one of the enlightening facts that this documentary imparts on its viewers as it provides a raw, unprecedented look at our society’s failing “man’s best friend”. It is hard to watch, but watch we must. It is painful, but it is also inspirational. It is impossible to see this film and not be motivated to take immediate action. The action this film takes and the action viewers are called to take is to spread the message. One Nation Under Dog arms people with the knowledge they need to make changes in their own lives and will inspire them to make changes in our society.

One Nation Under Dog premiers on HBO on June 18th.

You can view a trailer for this film by clicking below:

Click to view trailer for "One Nation Under Dog"

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6 responses to “Compassion in Action on Film”

  1. “Backyard breeders” too! So much ignorance! Too many beautiful little babies! Keep fighting Scotlund.
    Spay?neuter! Make shelters unnecessary!!

  2. Nancy Honeychuck says:

    I WISH more people were aware of the terrible 3rd world and worse plight of dogs on our Indian Reservations — I just can’t take guests to Canyon De Chelly any more, because I feel so saddened by the hundreds of homeless dogs in Chinle and Ganado, and all along the way there. They abused, shot, poisoned, they are starving. They are eating each other to survive. They are suffering terribly and– they are breeding. I have rescued many, but can’t help them all. They look like the WSPA photos.

    • rhonda says:

      Nancy, I feel your pain. I only hope humanity is awakening. The horrid things our country did to other humans over the past years has exacerbated the treatment of our animals. Survival instinct takes over and it does not surprise me that conditions for animals on reservations are horrid,,,look what happened to the humans.

      All I can say, is to continue to do the work, publicize, and hope that human compassion continues to spread. The needs in our world today are endless. I’ve only recently become aquainted with ARC but I can attest that they are the best at what they do…..Efficient, organized and equipped. I have asked all my friends to donate. Now, if what is happening with them today can turn into 5, 10 or more organizations….just think what our world could be like.

      Thanks to ARC for allowing me to participate in a spiritual, loving moment in time.

  3. Robbin Porter says:

    Please continue supplying us average folks with startling, shocking truths. Sincerity breeds compassion.
    Much appreciation

  4. Dollie Gamage says:

    I don’t really agree that you should ONLY focus on the positives. For sure, don’t get bogged down with the negatives all the time someone bad-mouthing the company does indeed bring morale down throughout the organisation however by the same token, you shouldn’t be unrealistically optimistic.

  5. Woodrum3218 says:

    Quite a good read, I always like your site’s posts. I hope to read more like it soon!

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