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Rescue Groups Aid Animal Tornado Victims

posted by: Sharon Seltzer

In the aftermath of the tornados and storms that wreaked havoc in the Midwest last week, many national animal rescue organizations are pitching in to help reunite displaced pets and evacuate animals from shelters that were destroyed.

After 200 mile an hour winds ripped through Guthrie, OK the City Animal Shelter was completely flattened. Superintendent, Suzy Brown and her employees found temporary housing for the 33 dogs and 30 cats living in the shelter, but Brown didn’t know what she would do for a long term solution. Her town does not have the financial resources to rebuild another animal shelter at this time.

But within 24-hours after the storm, the Animal Rescue Corps team was on the scene to evacuate the cats and dogs. They even tracked down four animalsthat went missing when the twister hit.

ARC president Scotlund Haisley reported his organization will be transporting the cats and dogs to shelters “outside the areas affected where they will be cared for until they find homes.”


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